Magnificent Desolation…

Inspiration comes to individuals in many unique ways. For me, one way inspiration is found is by achieving a goal that many believe is not achievable. I do not believe in the notion that things are “impossible” although they may seem to be impossible to ordinary eyes. The impossible should not be confused with the improbable. Impossibility cannot be overcome but improbability can be triumphed over. When I began to write Magnificent Desolation, I was inspired by my late night walks, gazing up at the moon, the stars, and man made satellites that I witnessed in the heavens. Putting objects and men in space, at one time in our past history, seemed an impossible, Herculean task to many but actually those lofty thoughts and dreams remained improbable to a select few. Missions to achieve goals such as placing humans in orbit, landing men on the moon and sending deep space probes out to the vast reaches of the universe in order to explore what was formerly the impossible. It is this desire to overcome the notion of the impossible and recognize amazing human dreams, desires and daring feats is what inspired me to compose these pieces. The title song “Magnificent Desolation” is one of the pieces that I am most proud of since it begins with familiar, earthly sounds and transports the listener on a deep space voyage leading the listener to make an introspective, highly emotional reflection. Simply, if you (the listener) was an astronaut, floating in your capsule in orbit, and you realized that due to some technical failure you could not return home to Earth, what would you do? How would you act? Would you mourn for your earthly life, family, friends and material wealth? Would you simply give up and drift until you faded from existence or perhaps would you move forward into the unknown, and push as far as you could before the last beat of your heart faded from the universe in order to satisfy the basic instinct of human curiosity as to what we can really overcome? Would you be satisfied to remain in tears with your impossible situation or would you wipe them away and overcome the improbable and travel onward to discover what amazing things lie beyond your horizon? If you ever feel that you are set with an impossible task in your life, go out on a crisp, clear night and look up. Think of the men and women that have rocketed forth from this earth to the stars and the men and women who put them there. Do not think of what is impossible but what only is improbable. I am willing to bet that you will succeed in whatever task you set your mind to. Impossibility gives man and woman the excuse to give up. Overcoming what is improbable, leads humankind to greatness.

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