Chris Corwin Bio


Ever since he was seven years old, Chris Corwin has a deep passion and love for music and sound. “Life is filled with many beautiful sounds, you just have to stop and take time to notice them. When you think about how prominent music is as it plays a part of each of our daily lives, it really is quite amazing. With everything from ringtones, elevator music, doorbells, birds, a Fall afternoon breeze rustling leaves in the trees…it’s all there. It’s a real amazing musical pallet for an artist. Just notice it and appreciate even the smallest moment when you hear it.”

With backgrounds in guitar, piano, orchestration and composition his musical interests became more diverse with the types of electronic music that he composes. From musical genres such as ambient drones and cinematic soundscapes to traditional club dance beats and uplifting Trance, his music is always fresh with something new to be discovered. “I don’t know how many musicians can start composing a three tone drone track then jump into a 128 BPM euro dance mix. I tend to switch gears fast, depending on my musical mood. It’s all about enjoyment.”

When Chris is not in the studio working on his next track, he is busy practicing Entertainment Law in his private practice located in New York. “If I could have a keyboard in my office, I would. Just for those rare moments when a break may present itself!”

sun-300x180Studio Equipment:

“In the Studio, I prefer to use Macs including musical production software such as Apple Logic Pro 9. M-Audio keyboard controllers and sound equipment, Mackie and Native Instruments hardware. The Korg M3 remains my driving force. For virtual instruments, I use East West Sounds, Best Service and Native Instruments. Sibelius 7 allows me to put my thoughts onto paper rapidly.”